My great-great-grandfather, Peter Lloyd, was christened on 14 Apr 1805 in Wellington, Shropshire.
In the 1821 census of Wellington, he is entered as a Blacksmiths apprentice and living with the Blacksmith, Samuel Barnett of Church Street. His future wife, Ann is shown living at 4 Hoars Lane, next door to Peter's parents, Francis and Elizabeth Lloyd. Ann was in service at Apley Castle were her mother was a nurse. Peter married Ann Tart (c. 29 Mar 1807 in Wellington) in Wellington on the 11 Aug 1828. Their daughter Mary Ann, was also in service at Apley Castle and became housekeeper there. This is where Mary Ann met her future husband, Absolem Parker who was a butler there, after previously been valet to a Lord Neville.

Being born in Wellington one assumes that with Ironbridge and Coalbrookdale just down the road, that many men from the area were involved in the iron industry. In the late 18th and early 19th centuries the iron making districts of Shropshire attracted visitors from all round the world to marvel at the great iron works.

Although conditions for the iron workers were unpleasant (better than down the pits) they continued to work until they were relatively old, some into their seventies, and many stayed in the iron trade, son following father. Iron making was labour intensive and attracted people into the area from the Welsh borders and the West Midlands as well as other parts of Shropshire. As the industry declined in the 19th century, an outflow of families took place, many moving to the Black Country, South Wales, Scotland and South Yorkshire.

According to the 1851 census of Walsall, Staffordshire, Peter is a Moulder in Iron, living in Pelsall. The census shows that some of their children were born in the Oakengates and Old Park area of Wellington, Shropshire. He may well have moved to the Midlands area shortly before 1839, as the 1851 census shows a son being born in Bloxwich in 1839, all the remaining children were born in Pelsall including my great-grandfather, another Peter, who was 4 at the time of the census.

My great-great-grandfather died in Pelsall in Sep 1867(said to have died as a result of poisoning after shooting his thumb off in a hunting accident), his wife in 1889 (from food poisoning), they are both buried in Pelsall.