Updates list

The following is a list of updates/amendments/additions for the families shown:-

2009 Main website update
2009 Main Silvers family update/additions
2010 Lloyd family update
2011 Cregeen family addition
2012 Sep           - David Ward/Mary Lakin updates
2012 Sep           - David Wood/Elizabeth Saunders family additions/updates
2012 Nov          - Samuel Taylor/Maria Lees family addition
2012 Dec           - Expansion to individual pages of the John (Jack) Leacroft Lloyd family
2012 Dec           - Extension of Silvers family line
2012 Dec           - Upgrade of all diagrams
2012 Dec           - Extension of Osbaldeston family line
2013 Feb           - Extension of Lloyd family name through June Mary Lloyd
2013 Mar           - Extension of Lisseman family name through Florence Ellen Lisseman
2013 May          - Extension of Taylor family and others through Jean Lloyd
2015 Aug           - Extension of Terence Lloyd family
2015 Aug           - Extension of the Tart family back to 17th century
2013 Aug           - Early diagrams updated as well as Ancestor diagram
2015 Sep           - Complete check of all pages carried out especially the Silvers Family
2020 Jan            - Extension of Taylor family through Jean Lloyd on Horace Lloyd page
                          - Addition and extension of Lloyd family of Francis W Lloyd-Sydney C Lloyd-Ethel M Lloyd- Hazel K    
                            Lloyd on the Peter Charles Lloyd page
                          - Extension of Rodber and Finney family from Sydney Charles Lloyd page
2020 Feb           - Extensions of the Lloyd family from the Peter Lloyd 1846 page
                          - Further Extensions of Lloyd family from the Peter Lloyd 1846 page
                          - Further Extension to Lees faimily from the Peter C Lloyd page - Lucy Jane Taylor anscestors
                          - Re-aligned Creggeen pages
                          - Inclusion of Anslow, Perkins, and Stanton families
2020 Mar           - Expansion of Everton, Good and Hales family from Alice Lloyd page
                          - Addition of Pargeter, Leatham, Friday,Anstee, Treadwell, Newens, Meakes families
                          - Expansion of the Underhill family
                          - Addition to Lakin family
                          - Changes to pages for Peter Arthur Hales and addition of pages for Threfall and Cooke
                          - Expansion of branches of the Silvers, Everton and Osbaldeston family
                          - Addition to Williams, Fuquay and Vandeveur families
2020 Apr           - Expansion of Arblaster family

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