This site is dedicated to the Lloyd family in relation to my ancestors, my family and those still to come.

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The list on the left show each generation of the family male line from present day back to the 17th century, the earliest yet researched.These are broken down into over 250 pages of family trees and information.

Besides the Lloyd family I have over 850 linked families consisting of over 3000 individuals, many of which are not yet on the website. Should you think that there may be a link to your family please check the surname list or wish to request information, please use the feedback page.

The Site Overview page explains the links on the left. Notes of a historic nature have been included wherever possible.

Although all efforts have been made to ensure accuracy, the information on these pages comes from various sources and should be used as a guide only. Some dates have been omitted on purpose.

If you have any comments on the site in general, please contact me through the Feedback page.

I would like to thank the Archivist of Walsall Local History Centre for allowing me to include extracts from their publications.

May I also thank my own family for their patience and also Keith Lloyd (Aus), Joe Lloyd Francisco (USA), Bob Deady (USA), Joan Hales (Canada) and Antony Cregeen (UK) for the information on their branches of the family.

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